Company infomation/Hit product  &  Result 1992〜2012

Want to make beauty devices・beauty home electric appliances ?Advanced technology makes great beauty effects

Want to make beauty masks?All automatic mask makers are adopted to keep high quality.Beauty masks are becoming part of women's lives.

Beauty products for face

Beauty products for body

Products for Oral, Hair, Hand care

Beauty essence mask

Skin care cosmetics

Salon specialty

Want to make cosmetics quasi-drugs ?Feel the effect and the quality.

Want to make beauty sundries ?New ideas become products with our abilities to design and develop !

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【TV】Tansan Head Spa Brush was introduced on Yomiuri TV , Kansai Joho Net ten program.
【TV】Tansan Head Spa Brush was introduced on Nihon TV, Hirunandesu program.
【Magazine】Tansan Head Spa Brush wasintroduced on Nikkei Health 2012 Nov.edition.

Caution !
Beware of counterfeit products.
Please purchase through official retailers or dealers.


  • This is an official website of Japan Gals', a company which can do OEM/ODM for beauty devices, cosmetics,beauty facial masks, beauty sundries and a wide selection of beauty goods.
    Japan Gals can do OEM with products with originality. Collaborating beauty devices with cosmetics or with beauty serum attract people. Your ideas become products with high sales ability.