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Beauty Treatment Device OEM

  • Ultrasonic beauty device No.1
  • Beauty products OEM
  • Beauty salon experience at home
  • Ultrasonic effects
  • Ion effects
  • EMS effects
  • High Frequency wave effects
  • Futon effects
  • Micro-current effects
  • Japan Gals quality
  • Attractive proposal
  • Reliable quality management
  • Full support system

Cosmetics OEM

  • Research and Development
  • Cosmetics OEM
  • Attractive proposal
  • Reliable quality management
  • Creative planning and design
  • Cosmetics OEM/ODM products
  • Time schedule

Beauty Essence Face Mask OEM

  • Sold out more than 3 million sets
  • Innovative idea
  • New start in the beauty industry
  • Our factory facilities
  • Reliable quality management
  • Attractive proposal
  • High speed production
  • Time schedule

Beauty Sundry OEM

  • Well selling beauty sundries
  • Attractive proposal
  • Commodify your creative idea
  • New start in the beauty industry
  • Comprehensive quality control
  • Time schedule

Product information

  • Beauty products for face
  • Beauty products for body
  • Products for Oral, Hair, Hand care
  • Beauty essence mask
  • Skin care cosmetics
  • Salon specialty
  • Quantity of beauty equipments sold and manufactured in Japan is No.1

  • ※ultra sonic
  • Our rich OEM experiences, original planning
    abilities and development capabilities promise to
    meet your requirements.
    We support you every step from planning to promotion.

    Diversification of beauty business
  • Wanting to add beauty equipments to your marketing ?

  • New entry to beauty equipment business ?

  • Needing to cut manufacturing costs of
    your key commodities ?

  • Even you are new in the market or starting your own personal OEM beauty equipments business,
    no need to worry ! Japan Gals will support you in every way.
    Our rich experiences in planning, developing, experimenting, designing, packaging and promoting
    will meet your requirements.

    Japan Gals support OEM/ODM of all beauty products such as beauty equipments, cosmetics, quasi-drugs and beauty facial masks.
ion.high frequency.EMS.ultra sonic.foto.vibration.peeling.micro current.cool.quasi-drugs.cosmetics.beauty masks.Turn your ideas into products which would boost-up sales.

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    Beauty effect of using characteristics of ultra sonic

    Vibration of ion stimulates and vibrates cells to warm up your
    skin from deep inside. Massaging the skin improves blood circulation
    and metabolism.

    image of sonic
      What is ultra sonic ?
      Ultra sonic is a acoustic frequencies above the range audible to the
      human ear and is approximately above 20,000 herts. Many living things
      have good ultrasonic hearing such as bats, dolphines and whales.
    Ultra sonic vibration 0.8MHz〜8MHz, according to your needs.
    *1MHz = 1 million vibrations / second

    When ultra sonic vibration (frequency modulation) increases, numbers of ultra sonic
    massage also increase. However, qualitatively the power of massage decreases.
    It is said that it is better to apply high frequency modulation like 8MHz for thinner
    skin and low frequency modulation like 0.8MHz for thicker part.

    0.8MHz 8MHz
    Low frequency modulation extends the area of ultra sonic reaching.
    It increases the depth of treatment reaching muscles.
    High frequency modulation reaches horny layer efficiently.
    Good for horny layer treatment.

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    Ion Beau Sonic Gold.Function of 5MHz Ultra Sonic.Professional esthetic treatment at home !.
Luxurious ultra sonic device, 「Ion Beau Sonic Gold」,its head is coated by gold which is very kind to skin.It generates 500MHz/second ultra sonic and ion to help yourskin become elastic.
Professional and luxurious esthetic treatment device for home use.Japan Gals' original whitening and brightening kit.3 Steps for 3 Functions to make your skin stay in the best condition.

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    Ask Japan Gals anything about OEM/ODM for beauty equipments.
    Home use, business use, handy types or heavy machineries !

    Esthetic care for facial, breast and body & permanent hair removal.B-FLASH EX is a total beauty equipment which has all the functions that esthitics need.It has high level of functionality, safety, easy usage and is mostly economical.Unwanted Hair Care.XENON PROBE.It covers a wide, 4.8cm square of designated illumination area. Special filter which shuts out ultraviolet rays cuts harmful light wavelength below 500nm to make the treatment very safe.Facial Care.SONIC PROBE<B><S>
500MHz/second micro ultrasonic makes the facial treatment safe and effective. Two ultrasonic probes, big and small fit any facial treatments.COOLING PROBE.
The body reaction against powerful coolingrefrigeration which is set 10℃ lower than the skin is used to contracts pores and to make the skin healthier.ION PROBE.
The power of ion sends effective ingredients of the lotion which peneterates deep into horny layers in every coner.The effect of it is 30 times more than when the lotion is just simply applied. Ion cleansing is effective for removing mineral wastes and dirts of make-up which is a cause of dull skin.Body Care.EMS GLOVE.EMS gives muscular movement excercises to sagging stomach, breasts and other parts of the body. Its glove shape makes it easier to grab, pull up and massage the body. It is an effective equipment made for a slimming purpose.
It can also be used for facial treatment.XENON PROBE.Very effective treatment for breasts. Thermal energy designated from the xenon lamp makes breasts elastic.DISPLAY.
Liquid crystal display navigates the operation of xenon probe. The charge display shows the operation mode and timing of designation which makes an easy control of the equipment.

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    Sensational treatment for teeth.Ultrasonic and scraper removes dirt without damaging teeth !!Spatula shaped scraper generates 200MHz/min. ultrasonic and ion which brings persistent stain and plaque to the surface and removes them without damaging enamels. Powerful interdental cleansing with the brush by using ultrasonic and ion brightens your teeth.

    Beauty effect by useing characteristics of ion

    Iontophoresis (beauty effects of using negative electric current)

    Every skin has a barrier zone for a protection but it also blocks out effective ingredients.
    This is the reason why only a few amount of ingredients applied can reach the deeper part of the skin.

    Negative potential
    Repulsive force of extremely low negative electric
    current sent out from ion device increses the effect of
    vitamin C derivative reaching deeper skin.
    Lotion or beauty ingredients applied to skin by using
    iontophoresis has 30〜50 times more permeation than
    when ingredients are just simply applied to the skin.
    You can actually feel the differences by touching your skin.
    Ion Cleansing (beauty effects of using plus electric current)
    Positive potential
    Ion Cleansing is an ion decomposition of dirt in pores.
    The power of ion removes dirt which can't be washed away
    by ordinary cleansing.

    Ion and its characteristics.There are 2 types of ion, plus and minus ion.Same electial charges have a repulsive force and different electrical charges have an opposite attract.

    Japan Gals' original collaboration of beauty equipments and cosmetics.A combination of pen shaped iontophoresis and beauty serum.
Extremely permeable !Ion pen and serum set is a compact automatic iontophoresis for pin point treatment. Effective ingredients reach deep into your skin. Easy to use but a professional treatment at surprisingly low price of 1,890JPY (tax inclusive).

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    Beauty effects of using characteristics of EMS

    Low frequency makes muscles to expand and contract.
    When the muscle is loosened, blood flow increases. When tensed, it washes out wastes.
    By repeating these actions, blood flow improves which promotes good blood circulation.

    Beauty effects of using characteristics of EMS
      What is EMS ?
      EMS stands for Electrical Muscle Stimulation.
      Low frequency stimulates muscles.
      Applying EMS makes the brain and the body have
      the illusion that the muscles have been actually used.
      Low frequency is shown as Hz (Hertz) .
      It shows the numbers of electrical current
      stimulation applied per second.
      Low frequency has leeser electric
      current stimulation of 1〜1200Hz.

    Minetic muscles become elastic by given an automatic muscle excercise. Improves smile lines and sagging mouth.

    Japan Gals' original collaboration of beauty equipment, cosmetic and beauty facial masks.Automatic massage with EMS 1800 times / 1 min. makes sharp face lines and brighter eyes.The head, coated by gold is uneasy to melt and very kind to skin.Enjoy the luxurious treatment.Automatic exercise with pulsed current. Unlike hand massages, it is a very easy exercise for stomach and other parts of the body. using lotions and facial masks with the device tightens and improves your skin tremendously.

    Get a slim waist at home with the power of EMS.6000 times EMS treatment within 10 mins.! The bandage which has a sauna effect encourages blood circulation and perspiration. It is a waterproofed device that can be used in bath.

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    Beauty effects using characteristics of radio frequency ion

    Electrical discharge method : ion is exchanged to heat inside the skin and
    it leads to a rapid increase of cell temperature of 1 - 2 ℃.
    Effective facial treatment without wasting your time.

    radio frequency ion
      What is radio frequency ion ?
      Skin cells have both plus and minus ions.
      Same ions have repulsions and the different ions have opposite attracts.
      Sending 33,000 times/second ion to skin works with
      these characteristics and vibratile movements occur.
      Vibratile movements produce frictional heat which
      improve blood circulation and metabolism.

    Beauty device that can be used with make up on.Big change within one minute.Light Stick, a new type of aging care beauty equipment An easy effective facial treatment which doesn't even take your time.

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    Beauty effects using characteristics of PHOTON

    Nasa by having experiments on LED on Space Shuttle found out that
    lighting plants with LED increases their energy in cells.
    They deciphered the effects on other livings and beauty effects on humans.

    Photon flux density
      There are visible and invisible rays depending on the wave length.
      Visible rays : lights which are visible. Wave length of 380mm-780mm.
      Invisible rays : Invisible lights such as ultraviolent light and infrared light. Wave length of less than 380mm or more than 780mm.
    Beauty effects of photon
    Wave length of about 500mm, bluish light
    Blue wave length has a bactericidal effects on Propionibacterium acnes which are the cause of pimples and spots.
    Wave length of about 700mm, red light
    Red LED improves blood circulation and metabolism. It helps collagen to reach deeper into the skin.
    Infrared light with long wave length
    Infrared light warms up internal skin which improves blood circulation and pushes out wastes. It helps renewing of the skin.
    What is the best way to remove unwanted hair ? IPL hair removal

    IPL hair removal is becoming the main method of removing unwanted hair at salons. It has a high level of safety and is one of the most popular devices to be used at home.

    Xenon lamp which is close to the sunlight/Special filter shuts out ultraviolent light and other harmful lights./Light energy reacts to black colors.

    Light energy has a characteristic of reacting to dark colors.
    It damages hair and roots, and also reduces the reproduction of hair.

    Beauty effects of using characteristics of microcurrent

    Microcurrent has a characteristics of relieving pain, stimulating wound. healing and
    helping to stimulate the regeneration of injured tisuue. It also gives good circulation
    to your face which stimulates production of collagen,
    improves tone and texture.

      What is microcurrent ?
      Every human has slight current within the body.
      The device generates a slight current at the same frequency
      as that of the human body, 1/1000 of micro-ampere meter.

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    Beauty equipments OEM / ODM by Japan Gals

    Japan Gals Quality

    We, Japan Gals have confidence of
    meeting customers' satisfactions
    with our ability to make proposals,
    quality control,
    response capabilities and speed.

    From our experiences of planning, manufacturing and selling our original products,
    we can meet customers' requirements of producing beauty equipments with high quality,
    safety and security.
    Customers may have questions and doubts to start OEM like the followings;

    It's the first time and do not know how to choose a company.
    Concerned about qualities, not only the cost.
    Not satisfied with the present company in business with.
    Want to do business with a company who we can rely and trust.
    Want to make original products which other companies don't have.

    Excellent quality, high speed and low cost make our products being very competitive in the market. We will meet your requirements and support you every step from planning to promotion. Please feel free to ask us any questions.

    This page explains the characteristics of our company.

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    Japan Gals Quality

    Japan Gals' great knowledge of OEM and ability to make proposals

    Planning and discussing the concepts are very important to make products which consumers
    are in need. There are many things to be discussed before starting to do OEM such as targeting
    of age range, seeing what the consumers' needs are and so on.
    You can trust us to support you in every step. We have been producing
    NB, OEM and licensed products for a long period of time. We can give you a promising support.
    For companies with the experiences of doing OEM or even if you are beginners,
    Japan Gals can make satisfying products for you.

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    Japan Gals Quality

    Integrated system of speed

    Almost all customers request for short lead time orders.

    Japan Gals make short lead time possible by avoiding to have indirect operations.
    We have a consistency management.
    We do planning, designing,researching & developing, manufacturing & sales and dispatching. We are capable of
    managing everything within the company.

    We do not waste customers' valuable time.

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    Japan Gals Quality

    Ability to provide good quality control

    There is an increase in numbers of companies manufacturing products overseas in order to
    reduce costs. There are uncountable number of problems related to the products made overseas. Beauty equipments are no exception.

    Important things are; Of course, know how to correspond with the inferior goods,
    taking measures not to produce inferior goods and how much risk managements
    the company is studying. Japan Gals take well prepared quality control
    in order to supply products with good qualities to our customers.

    If you are looking for products with high quality, contact Japan Gals.

    Obtained ISO9001 on November 21, 2003.
Registration territory :manufacturing of beauty equipments, 
beauty sundries and cosmetics .
S-JQA approved on December 24, 2003.
To manufacture products based on the safe plans of both domestic and 
overseas to  maintainthe safety and to keep the quality of the goods, 
we obtained S-JQA Mark.
The first company to adopt all automatic mask makers.
To maintain the high quality and reducing the cost, we adopted the machines.
Made it possible to manufacture products with excellent quality, high speed, 
low cost and  small lot.

    Japan Gals Quality

    We create pleasant envionments and provide satisfying products for our customers.

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      We, Japan Gals are more than happy to assist you from brand building,
      product design and marketing strategy to sales promotion.

    Reasonable Price×High Quality×Small MOQ×Speedy Development×Flexible support

    OEM/ODM manufacturing time schedule
Hearing/incorporate customer's ideas, needs and wants
Planning & Design/make some plans and propose to customer 
Research/go through related laws and regulations before product development
Sample Making/make a sample with the specifications and have discussions
Order/submit a quotation and wait for the order
Production Test/adjust our facilities with the specifications for manufacturing
Mass Production/manufacture the product in a large quantity
Inspection/conduct detailed inspections on the products with ISO 9001 standard
Delivery & Release/send the product to the customer and it's time to release
Sales Monitoring/check the sales and propose ideass for further promotion

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