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Cosmetics OEM

  • Research and Development
  • Cosmetics OEM
  • Attractive proposal
  • Reliable quality management
  • Creative planning and design
  • Cosmetics OEM/ODM products
  • Time schedule

Beauty Essence Face Mask OEM

  • Sold out more than 2 million sets
  • Innovative idea
  • New start in the beauty industry
  • Our factory facilities
  • Reliable quality management
  • Attractive proposal
  • High speed production
  • Time schedule

Beauty Treatment Device OEM

  • Ultrasonic beauty device No.1
  • Beauty products OEM
  • Beauty salon experience at home
  • Ultrasonic effects
  • Ion effects
  • EMS effects
  • High Frequency wave effects
  • Futon effects
  • Micro-current effects
  • Japan Gals quality
  • Attractive proposal
  • Reliable quality management
  • Full support system

Beauty Sundry OEM

  • Well selling beauty sundries
  • Attractive proposal
  • Commodify your creative idea
  • New start in the beauty industry
  • Comprehensive quality control
  • Time schedule

Product information

  • Beauty products for face
  • Beauty products for body
  • Products for Oral, Hair, Hand care
  • Beauty essence mask
  • Skin care cosmetics
  • Salon specialty

Japan Gal's cosmetics.Quasi-drugs OEM/ODM.Short lead time.Quality control.Low cost.Small lot

Japan Gals's OEM / ODM.Innovation capability made by new ideas.Works onto 3 layers of horny cell layers.3 types of collagen richly used for moisturizing skin.Triple horny layers moisturizing.New ingredients.3 Layers Collagen Skin care Series

Japan Gals's OEM / ODM.Combination of cosmetics and beauty devices.No.1 beauty device (ultra sonic) manufacturer's skills.The synergistic effects of combining skin care cosmetics and beauty devices.Ion + Lotion Beau Set (VC).Making customers' ideas into fantastic products !!Japan Gals support you to make products with high quality !

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  • Even you are new in the market or starting your own personal OEM Cosmetics,
    no need to worry ! Japan Gals will support you in every way.
    Our rich experiences in planning, developing, experimenting,
    designing, packaging and promoting will meet your requirements.

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Japan Gals Quality

We, Japan Gals have confidence of meeting customers' satisfactions with our ability to make proposals, quality control,response capabilities and speed.

From our experiences of planning, manufacturing and selling our original products,
we can meet customers requirements of producing Cosmetics with high quality,
safety and security.
Customers may have questions and doubts to start OEM like the followings;

It's the first time and do not know how to choose a company.
Concerned about qualities, not only the cost.
Not satisfied with the present company in business with.
Want to be in business with a company who we can rely and trust.
Want to make original products which other companies don't have.

Excellent quality, high speed and low cost make our products being very competitive in the market. We will meet your requirements and support you every step from planning to promotion.Please feel free to ask us any questions.
This page explains the characteristics of our company.

Speed x Quality Control x Low Cost x Small Lot

We can become your best partner
for cosmetic OEM/ODM
Japan Gals make short lead time possible by avoiding to have indirect operations.
We have a consistency management. We do planning, designing, researching & developing, manufacturing & sales and dispatching. We are capable of managing everything within the company.

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Japan Gals Quality

Japan Gals' great knowledge of OEM and ability to make proposals

Planning and discussing the concepts are very important to make products which consumers'
are in need. There are many things to be discussed before starting to do OEM such as targeting
of age range, seeing whatthe consumers' needs are and so on.
You can trust us to support you in every step. We have been producing
NB, OEM and licensed products for a long period of time. We can give you a promising support.
For companies with the experiences of doing OEM or even if you are beginners,
Japan Gals can make satisfying products for you.

Japan Gals Quality

Ability to provide good quality control

There is an increase in numbers of companies manufacturing products overseas in order to
reduce costs. There are uncountable number of problems related to the products made overseas. Beauty equipments are no exception.

Important things are; Of course, know how to correspond with the inferior goods,
taking measures not to produce inferior goods and how much risk managements
the company is studying. Japan Gals take well prepared quality control
in order to supply products with good qualities to our customers.

If you are looking for products with high quality, contact Japan Gals.

Obtained ISO9001 on November 21, 2003.
Registration territory :manufacturing of beauty equipments, 
beauty sundries and cosmetics .
S-JQA approved on December 24, 2003.
To manufacture products based on the safe plans of both domestic and 
overseas to  maintainthe safety and to keep the quality of the goods, 
we obtained S-JQA Mark.
The first company to adopt all automatic mask makers.
To maintain the high quality and reducing the cost, we adopted the machines.
Made it possible to manufacture products with excellent quality, high speed, 
low cost and  small lot.

Japan Gals Quality

Integrated system of speed

Almost all customers request for short lead time orders.

Japan Gals make short lead time possible by avoiding to have indirect operations.
We have a consistency management. We do planning, designing, researching & developing, manufacturing & sales and dispatching. We are capable of managing everything within the company.

We do not waste customers' valuable time.

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OEM products.We can make a wide range of products with high quality, low price and small lot for both 
home and business use. Japan Gals' original planning ability make the products very competitive in the market.From home use to business use.Basic skin care products & Skin care products.facial cleanser.facial soap.soap.toner.lotion.essence.beauty cream.eye care products.body care products.hair care products. Quasi-drugs. Whitening. Deodorant.We produce good, safe basic skin care products and skin care products which can be applied to any kind.of skin. Our popular original products include 3 Layers Collagen Series which work for three layers of skin and EGF cosmetic series with Nobel-Prize winning ingredient, EGF.  Our medical serum (quasi-drug) including whitening active ingredient, Vitamin C is used by people with weak skin repeatedly.

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We have many NB cosmetic and quasi-drug products which are made with our original manufacturing methods using the
leading ingredients. These safe and secure products can be used for sensitive skin. Please use them as reference to your OEM plans.

Satisfied with ordinary cosmetics ?It contains 100% pure undiluted solution.Enjoy its thick and melty texture.Pure Essence 100. 1cc gives about 4 liters water retention. Hyaluronic acid. For clear skin. Placenta. For elasic skin. Collagen. For moisturized skin. Ceramide

S5 Hair Care Series for beautiful and healthy scalp.

S5 Hair Care Series

Japan Gals' OEM/ODM for cosmetics and quasi-drugs

    We, Japan Gals are more than happy to assist you from brand building,
    product design and marketing strategy to sales promotion.

Reasonable Price×High Quality×Small MOQ×Speedy Development×Flexible support

OEM/ODM manufacturing time schedule
Hearing/incorporate customer's ideas, needs and wants
Planning & Design/make some plans and propose to customer 
Research/go through related laws and regulations before product development
Sample Making/make a sample with the specifications and have discussions
Order/submit a quotation and wait for the order
Production Test/adjust our facilities with the specifications for manufacturing
Mass Production/manufacture the product in a large quantity
Inspection/conduct detailed inspections on the products with ISO 9001 standard
Delivery & Release/send the product to the customer and it's time to release
Sales Monitoring/check the sales and propose ideass for further promotion

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