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  • Beauty products for face
  • Beauty products for body
  • Products for Oral, Hair, Hand care
  • Beauty essence mask
  • Skin care cosmetics
  • Salon specialty

Cosmetics OEM

  • Research and Development
  • Cosmetics OEM
  • Attractive proposal
  • Reliable quality management
  • Creative planning and design
  • Cosmetics OEM/ODM products
  • Time schedule

Beauty Essence Face Mask OEM

  • Sold out more than 3 million sets
  • Innovative idea
  • New start in the beauty industry
  • Our factory facilities
  • Reliable quality management
  • Attractive proposal
  • High speed production
  • Time schedule

Beauty Treatment Device OEM

  • Ultrasonic beauty device No.1
  • Beauty products OEM
  • Beauty salon experience at home
  • Ultrasonic effects
  • Ion effects
  • EMS effects
  • High Frequency wave effects
  • Futon effects
  • Micro-current effects
  • Japan Gals quality
  • Attractive proposal
  • Reliable quality management
  • Full support system

Beauty Sundry OEM

  • Well selling beauty sundries
  • Attractive proposal
  • Commodify your creative idea
  • New start in the beauty industry
  • Comprehensive quality control
  • Time schedule

Beauty equipments & sundries for body

Easy esthetic treatment at home


Slimming treatment.Stainless steel・glass balls.360°revolving.Gri-Gri-Guuuri

  • Product name:Gri-Gri-Guuuri

  • Model number:JZ-7720(pink)/JZ-7713(purple)
  • Grab your fat with the rollers and massage ! Slimming treatment for stomach, arms and legs.Can be used in bath.
  • Function:360°revolving stainless steal・glass balls
  • Contents: choice of 2 colors (pink & purple)
  • Batteries : No batteries needed
  • Suggested retail price:980JPY (without tax)


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